Monday, January 21, 2013

Satoshi Hamano reviewing The Idol Definitions

Do Japanese Idols really got on their way toward the definition of "idolatry" ?
Satoshi Hamano had put similarities between AKB48 as a Japanese Idol and Religion in his understanding. This point of view might stand in a a diffirent way compared to what most religious community would say, if hearing Hamano's quote. However, this quotation lead to critics about how the entertainment industry nowadays had run.

Hamano claimed that AKB 48 is a role model of some "Cognitive Capitalism", which markets information and other metaphysical services that appeal to people’s feelings and emotions, in the postindustrial economy.

In other words, how art now made and being sold to the consumer people have been revealed from the shades. It is now revealed as something people would see coming from themselves. Not only hidden by the companies, but in people's consciousness, what they actually wanted to see, what they choose to believe in. A form of hegemony, which people choose to live with. In Hamano's set of understanding (Japanese set of thought only, probably?) : A Religion.

Yikes. The Lennon vs. Jesus Incident in the '60s might have took place again.

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