Dunia Manga

Sejak eyang Hokusai menciptakan cerita bergambarnya, Jepang memulai sejarahnya dalam memimpin dunia cerita bergambar, mempopulerkan manga-nya hingga ke era industri. Ikuti halaman ini untuk melihat seperti apa perjalanan ini

(Konten dalam pengembangan)

Meniru apa yang dilakukan oleh Kyoto International Manga Museum,
Yuk kita bertanya seperti apakah dunia manga itu dari perspektif-perspektif ini !

Manga Media Chronology
The evolution of the manga medium, from cartoon magazines in the Bakumatsu period to the present
Manga Lifetime Chronology
Shows the diversity of Japanese manga magazines, carefully segmented by age and gender.
Is Manga Merely a Child's Thing?
Explains social functions of manga other than entertainment, such as political satire and education.
What is TV Manga?
Introduces of Japan's unique form of animation, 'anime,' which incorporates many of the techniques used in manga.
The Making of Manga
Shows the process of manga production with real examples of work, the tools used, and videos of the work space.
Manga That Rely on Fundamental Principles
Explains the fundamental principles of manga such as how characters' emotions and movements are expressed, the rules of panel lay-out, and other conventions.
Manga That Defy the Fundamental Principles
Explains the appeal of manga that defy conventions, through the work of Akatsuka Fujio, a gag manga artist.
Are Manga Artists Millionaires?
Through statistics, shows how manga is part of a large industry with many companies involved.
Is Cosplay a Kind of Manga, Too?
Explains of the structure of Japan's manga industry, of which "media mix" and merchandizing of manga characters are a major part.
Is Manga Read by People Around the World!?
Shows how the manga of Europe, the U.S., Japan, and Asia have all influenced each other.
A Worldwide Medium
Introduces 'manga' that aren't Japanese and are done in diverse styles and media, such as Bandes dessinee 

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